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JessicAnne Art + Design

Pop Sockets

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A variety of small ocean inspired phone grips/pop sockets!
These lovely little seaside art pieces are created with crushed shells & epoxy!
They are all unique and handmade epoxy phone grips, perfect to pull your mind away to the salty ocean breeze, with the sun on your face and sand at your feet! These lovely phone grips will function as both a phone holder and stand.
To apply, simply peel off the 3M adhesive protective paper and press the adhesive side of the popper firmly to the back of your phone or phone case. Phone grips have a white base.
Each one is one of a kind!

Care Instructions

Care Instructions:

✨ Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. Clean with window cleaner or mild dish soap and a microfiber cloth.

✨ Hand wash only with damp cloth and dish soap. Do not dishwash or soak. Table top epoxy is water resistant.

✨ Do NOT cut on table top epoxy. You may use a cheese knife on table top epoxy.

✨ Keep all pieces out of direct sunlight. Epoxy can yellow overtime due to exposure to direct sunlight.

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